Poster Submissions

Communities of Inquiry:
Significance, Cultural Change and
the ongoing relationship with P4C

Would you like to share your ideas and practice with other educators, but don't want to present an entire session? Consider submitting a virtual poster for other participants to engage with.

Rather than presenting live you can pre-record a short video overview of your poster for participants to watch. To share your experiences of Community and P4wC with our community, consider how you have tackled creating innovative inquiry experiences for your students during the challenges of the pandemic.

What has worked? What has been you challenging?

Have you discovered some insights you want to share with your peers?

Are there other initiatives you have been exploring within the theme of Community of Inquiry and P4wC?

Please consider creating a virtual poster so we can learn and innovate together.

Poster proposals should include

  1. Poster title
  2. Name/s of creator
  3. An abstract and plan for content.
Submit all proposals here

We have created 2 A3 Word templates for you to use if you wish. Feel free to create your own poster design.

Template 1
Template 2
Final Poster Guidelines
  1. An engaging title
  2. Between 700-1000 words in total.
  3. Include graphics (ensure you have correct permissions)
  4. Include any references you mention.
  5. A single A3 page pdf

Please save and submit your poster in PDF format.

Final Video Guidelines
  1. no more than 5 mins in length.
  2. frame yourself clearly in the shot and look into the camera.
  3. introduce yourself and your poster.
  4. talk about the core ideas, the experience you wish to share
  5. invite feedback and comments
  6. upload your video to Youtube and create a hidden link